Explosive mix of Music and Boxing (µFT and FT photos - high ISO)

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EV comp... trial and error, and error and trial...

boxerman wrote:

Excellent, as usual. You have an affinity (or you practice!) with this kind of shooting.

Thanks.  Both, I hope. A certain instinct, but also every opportunity I can grab.

Technically, what confuses me is the EV. I'd expect a lot of negative compensation, especially with shots like the trumpeter--massive dark regions. But, your EV is light negative, or even positive. The first is over two stops positive, according to the EXIF. That doesn't make sense to me. Can you help?

I will try, but you will find my explanation lacking, I am afraid.

That +2 EV was just an accident, I am afraid.

I have two (sometimes three) cameras hanging from my shoulders.

EV-comp is allocated to the front dial in every configuration.

My E-5 had been dangling on my hip (Op-Tech sliding strap) while I was shooting the E-M5.  I needed to get in there close in a rush so I let the E-M5 drop to my left side while grabbing the E-5 and I shot away without noticing that the front-dial had been rubbed on my hip to +2 EV.  But the energy of the shot was such that I needed to keep it.

For the rest, I do not need much EV (neither negative nor positive), because I spot-meter without exception for this kind of event.  And I focus-recompose, so the metering is on the main subject (most often lit a bit brighter than its surroundings).  This pushes the background to darkness quite nicely in most instances.  In LR, I make the final adjustments with an EV comp between -1 and +1 and then local adjustments (shadows, highlights).  I want my backgrounds clean, without the usual clutter of cables, microphone stands, etc.

Hope this helps.

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