m4/3...Is the learning curve steep?

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Re: m4/3...Is the learning curve steep?

Yannis1976 wrote:


After being for more than 10 years a Pany compact zoom user (FZ8, FZ28, FZ100, FZ150), I was debating whether to get the G6+14-140 or the FZ200. I finally ended with the G6 but after 3 months of using it I am still not totally convinced, mainly missing the long end of the lens and the macro. Now that the FZ1000 review is out I am also a bit tempted...

What do you think? Am I doing something wrong? Should I just give it more time?


If you want to do macro, look at buying an adapter that fits on to the 14-140 lens. There are plenty of good quality adapters out there that deliver excellent results.

As for the "reach", the 14-140 will deliver 280mm equivalent FOV. Use the 2x digital zoom, and now you're looking at 560mm equivalent FOV, compared to the 600mm of the FZ200 (or 400mm of the FZ1000). Granted you won't be at the full 16MP, and the aperture will be rather slow, but it does just fine for outdoor shots in good light.

None of the above mentioned cameras will get you the reach of a FZ150/200, but they are better cameras when it comes to sensor size, aperture, feature set, etc. I can tell you that after owning two G6's, and using an FZ200 extensively, the G6 is the far superior camera. Better build quality, more cusomization, better screen/EVF, better ergonomics, better for video. There really isn't a comparison between the two, other than they're built by Panaosonic.

If you want to pick up a lens for low light, look at the 12/2.0, 15/1.7, 17/1.8, 20/1.7 (slower to focus due to older AF design), 25/1.8, or 25/1.4. Any of these lenses are going to smoke teh 14-140 in low light, and would easily be better than a FZ150/200.

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