m4/3...Is the learning curve steep?

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Re: m4/3...Is the learning curve steep?

Yannis1976 wrote:


After being for more than 10 years a Pany compact zoom user (FZ8, FZ28, FZ100, FZ150), I was debating whether to get the G6+14-140 or the FZ200. I finally ended with the G6 but after 3 months of using it I am still not totally convinced, mainly missing the long end of the lens and the macro. Now that the FZ1000 review is out I am also a bit tempted...

So far these are my impressions with the G6:

  • superior quality in PC screen, not that much difference in paper.
  • much better high ISO quality and therefore much better for low light pictures.
  • much nicer DOF
  • crop is useful due to increased quality but doesn't give that much more and cant compensate for the lack of zoom.
  • so far I feel I play more with the settings of the G6 in order to get the results I want compared to the FZ150
  • to be honest only recently have I taken some photos I really liked whereas with the FZ150 I felt getting many more keepers.

What I miss from the FZ150:

  • the looooong end of the zoom where I could catch every bird/animal I wanted in nature
  • the very useful macro where in the G6 is simply non existent.

What do you think? Am I doing something wrong? Should I just give it more time?


I'll let you know in a year's time..

Just moved from a TZ8 point and clicker which lived in iAuto mode its whole life to a GM1 with a Tamron 14-150mm as I wanted something very capable, but much smaller than a DSLR / Super Zoom so I can carry it around in my work bag.

I fully expect to make lots of bone-headed mistakes...

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