Post Your Favourite FX Pics that Nobody Else Likes

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Ray Sachs
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Re: What's wrong with this picture...

Robin Casady wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

…and why do I like it?

Pt. Lobos, CA - D800E Rokinon 85mm

Since no one is offering critique, I'll say what I think of it.

Basically, it lacks a center of interest. There is nowhere for the eye to rest. It has some nice patterns, textures, and color relationships, but it just leaves the eye wandering around, lost.

I'd disagree only to the extent that I find my eye is drawn, probably by default as much as anything, into the black hole on the left edge. It takes a somewhat unfriendly journey to get there and then, once there, it wants to leave as soon as possible but there's no place else to go. 

So, maybe we're saying the same thing a bit differently, but I think the eye is sort of drawn there - just to no good purpose...

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

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