m4/3...Is the learning curve steep?

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Re: m4/3...Is the learning curve steep?

Yannis1976 wrote:

Either way I am planning to give the G6 more time, let the FZ1000 mature a bit and also read some user reviews. Regarding the lenses, I want to avoid getting a lot of them, maybe one more for low light and reducing the overall size (eg pancake).

If you want to shoot feathers, you'd want the Lumix 70-300 in your bag.   There's also macro lenses by both Panasonic and Olympus for that objectives - the Oly 12-50 lens sports a 45mm macro mode that is quite stunning.  Non of those are 'fast' for low light opportunities - for that consideration would look at the 12mm, 20mm, 17mm, 35mm, or 50mm f/1.x prime lenses.

So it sounds to me, if you stick with m4/3, you'd end up with 4, maybe 5 lenses in total to cover the subjects you enjoy covering.  Not that you'd carry it all around all the time, but so you had what you needed for whatever whim struck.   Then you go out to do some general landscape and macros, and you run into the best wildlife opportunity ever, but that lens wasn't packed because you didn't anticipate having to.   This is how it can go with an ILC system.

Maybe you want to go slow but continue with your current m4/3 kit, but get a fixed zoom now, and see how you naturally come to want to build on the lenses for m4/3 (buys you time to determine if you really want to continue with m4/3, as well).

Just more food for thought, hope it helps.

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