Out with the bull?

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Which volume of dung does cattle produce before it gets slaughtered ?

Maybe people could be forced to eat their quota of dung along with the tenderloin steak ?

If you like the idea, why don't you the dung?

We pay for the land and the water when we buy steak. Yes, steak costs more than pork or chicken because of that.

Only about twice the cost of, say, pork. Not quite a reflection of the cost of production.

The price you see in the store is the reflection of the cost of production, transportation and keeping it on the shelf. This is how commodity markets work.

Don't forget about subsidies and other things that distort the end cost.

What subsidies significantly affect cost of beef compared to cost of pork and chicken?

Apparently you have a problem with links.

Meat subsidies strip other food industries to the bone

If you think beef is part of a normal commodity market you are fooling yourself.

Yes it is a commodity. Many suppliers, many consumers, supply only limited by demand at the price - a classic commodity. There are some kinds like Kobe beef which are somewhat different, but they are marginal and insignificant for the market as a whole.

You need to misquote to make your point it seems. Beef is not part of a normal commodity market. It is heavily subsidized at all levels, from grazing (Cliven Bundy is a recipient of the ultimate in grazing subsidies, he doesn't pay at all),

Cliven Bundy is a criminal and his behavior has nothing to do with subsidies.

US subsidizes corn, cotton, wheat, rice, soybeans, in small amounts dairy, peanuts, sugar and a few other items with very minor subsidies - beef is not on the list.

If anything, it is vegetarian diets that are being subsidized, including the metabolic poisons of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

I agree, ALL the subsidies should be stopped immediately.

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