Will the Quattro Embarrass Sigma into dropping their camera line?

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Re: My Conclusion

Yesterday I found an article about possible SIGMA cinema lenses Naturally in my mind, I thought that if a brand do cinema lenses and cameras, it is pretty normal that their own cameras can do video no ? At least it is logic but SIGMA and logic ... it is hard to figure it out.

Cinema lens are basically click-less aperture and focus rings with gears for focus pulling apparatus. The video market is small.

It is the Foveon sensor that makes video near impossible for Sigma cameras. There are many threads that discuss that the faint signals on the lower layers require a considerable amount of in-camera number crunching--that theory makes sense to me.

Also, all modern digital cameras struggle with video because you need to sample 1920x1080 pixels over the full size of the sensor. The electronics are not designed for that, so you either have to sample everything and "bin" your results, or line skip. The first requires a lot of power, the second creates a lot of aliasing/moire problems. Also, video taxes sensors and create a lot of heat that leads to noise.

One of the theories why the Quattro is so long is to reduce noise by spreading out heat producing elements--and that's just for single images!

Anyway, video is a small market. Can't see that it would be worth it to Sigma. There are so many technical obstacles!

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