My take on the Quattro after using one...

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Johan Borg Senior Member • Posts: 2,551
Re: My take on the Quattro after using one...

Nice writeup, but a couple of things I discovered lately, in part I must admit by reading the manual

  • In addition to the 9 predefined focus points, you have one free-moving point that can be placed in most of the frame and all focus points have 3 selectable sizes.
  • There are 4 customizable review modes, one of which includes a histogram. This mode is there by default from the factory, just press the Display button a few times to cycle through the modes.
  • There is a blown highlight indicator and the center button can be configured to turn the blinking on and off.
  • There is an optional electronic shutter release that plugs into the USB port (CR-31).
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