Will the Quattro Embarrass Sigma into dropping their camera line?

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Re: My Conclusion

With the new sensor it should have very very good video property too.

There wasn't a video feature in the Quattro I received.  At this point, I would almost categorically say these cameras will never have video.  They can barely save one image (frame) in 12 seconds, let alone 24 in one second

Panasonic, Sony and Blackmagic have pretty much locked up the video market through years of investment and experience.  The video that comes out of those Panny MFT cameras is clean and efficient.  With BM you can get 12-stops of RAW, or compressed RAW in the form of ProRes HQ.  Sony now has a full-frame, low light video recorder, the A7S.

If you're interested in video then Andrew Reid's EOSHD.com site is the place to go.

My guess is that the CPU, cooling and battery requirements to get the Foveon to produce video would make for one seriously large camera, about the size of a sewing machine, and then you'd be stuck at 100 ISO.  Because of motion in video, we can tolerate a lot of noise and artifacts.  So as beautiful as the Foveon would be, most of it would be lost to compression.

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