The difference between liberal and conservative

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Bonker wrote:

lownine wrote:

lownine wrote:

Bonker wrote:

Liberals possess compassion. Conservatives possess animosity. Plain and simple.

And this thread

"Oh, the ironing is delicious." -- Bart Simpson

You must believe I said something I did not. Please reread and understand the words apart from your bias.

Edit: Nevermined. I'll explain it to you. Liberals possess(own) compassion. We are the stewards. It is possible for conservatives to express compassion from time to time but they don't possess(own) it. They possess(own) animosity. Liberals are certainly capable of expressing it but it is the conservatives that possess(own) animosity. They are the stewards.

PS, I get a little kick when someone attempts to interpret my words and then fail so miserably. Cheers!

Yes, I can certainly imagine that you get kicked a lot. The irony - and I'll just lay it out for you - is that you and the OP simply ooze animosity - that horrific defining quality of the lesser beings that so disgust you - as you pontificate on your own superiority.

Send us a post card from Olympus.

One more thing. In the camps, will we have to dig our own latrines or will your compassion extend to providing plumbing?

No. I am intolerant towards animosity but speak to your kind in your own language in an attempt to teach you.

So that's a "no" to the plumbing.

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