The Quattro Sensor and Luma

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Re: Response Spreadsheet and Curves Posted

Eric Fossum wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

If anybody is interested to download these, I've put them up on my site:

The spreadsheet is posted in .xls and also .ods

The y values are in pixels, which is why the curves are upside down.

Looking forward to Jim's results!

I like data. Can you just say where this spectral data came from or how you measured it?

The curve is one of many published for the Foveon sensor - this one for a sensor with built-in IR filter. They are all much the same because the photo-diode depths vary little or none.

I took the image of the curves and resized it so that the x axis was 2 px/nm. Then I cropped along the x axis (zero y) and the y axis (375 nm). Then I flipped it vertically. The result being such that the PSE image x,y values were meaningful i.e. 0 px (x) = 375nm and px (y) increased with increasing layer response. A cheap trick which worked very well.

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