Post Your Favourite FX Pics that Nobody Else Likes

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Re: Post Your Favourite FX Pics that Nobody Else Likes

InTheMist wrote:

Sergeg wrote:

Hey! great idea for thread!

Straight of the bat, the first is masterful, the second is worse than mediocre! dog's breakfast!

How can two so diametrically different images in terms of the aesthetic come from your personal POV? Proves only one thing, beauty is in the eye of the photographer!

I love the first shot, the composition, subject, timing, and B/W treatment, it all adds up to a masterful study of the moment.

The second shot is bad pizza, what IS THE SUBJECT?

T O Shooter wrote:

In the spirit of MichaelDawson and a post of his yesterday? on truth in critique. On the second one - holy frig. There's a delete button on an 800. Use it. That out of focus area in the front and left is extremely distracting and hard on the eyes even, and that piece of deadwood cuts the image in two. Unless that's the image. That's got hot spots and partly out of focus. Wide angle lens can be dangerous. You get one and then you've got to figure out what to do with it. This is not it. And when no one likes it - well ........................

Thank you both! Obviously, this post was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I had a hearty laugh at both.

I can't help it - I still like the second one that you both despise!

Do you ever "like" a picture on <insert social media site here> and wonder why you're the only one?

I was going to ask if you were joking, but unfortuanately there are people on here who's images are as bad as the second one. So while I didn't mind giving some harsh critique, ( well a little ), I wouldn't go as far as to say " you gotta be joking" However, someone did look through the camera and actually push the shutter, and the question remains - why??  I cut my teeth shooting Kodachrome 25 and at that time gear and film were certainly a luxury and I spent money on both sparingly. So now when I shoot, typically if I don't see it in the viewfinder the shutter doesn't get pushed.

Funny thought, and good to know you're not that bad.

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