On photography, cops need to get a clue

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Re: On photography, cops need to get a clue

As you are no doubt aware, the concept of citizens' rights has mostly been theoretical in the past and even that theory is now being undermined by the US and other gvts. I strongly believe The US has recently experienced a military coup in all but name. The police forces, facing citizens armed with increasingly powerful guns and ever-decreasing capacity for rational thought, are arming themselves with military hardware from The Second Iraq Invasion and I feel are in genuine fear for a large proportion of the day. All the hard-won freedoms and rights the previous generation enjoyed briefly have been taken from people in The US, not to mention those in the UK, which is currently being run by a bunch of psychopaths intent on criminalising the poverty they themselves are creating.

People might very well look back to these times wistfully. And good luck trying to eplain your rights to a scared, un-educated policeman coming down from a sugar high.

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