Got my D810 yesterday... Using it side by side with my D800e right now

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Re: Your upcoming LCD review

Rick Knepper wrote:

I know that a major concern for most is the resolution of the image in LV or Review though I have never found that to be a major stumbling block to acquiring a good focus. More bothersome to me as an outdoors shooter is the coatings and glare resistance of the LCD. If you can't see the image at all, what good is excellent resolution? As a Canon shooter as well as owning a D3x and D800E, I know that since the EOS 5D2, the Canon LCD has superior performance in bright sunlight vs. the two aforementioned Nikon models. Hopefully, you will examine that aspect of the LCD in your review.

nikonuserinfo wrote:

Got my D810 yesterday... Using it side by side with my D800e right now

  • The evolution in AF speed is very impressive with certain old lenses and with certain lens/TC combos , even though I was very happy with the D800e AF performance.
    Group AF is spectacular for BIF.
    I understand the enthusiasm of D4s users...
  • D810 is sooooooo much quieter than D800-D700-D3-D3s.
  • LCD resolution increase is barely noticeable
  • IQ looks similar at first view, high iso might have a little improved.
  • LV shooting and AF in LV has improved very much.
  • and more...

You are kindly invited to visit my D800 vs D810 user review on my website.

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Rick Knepper, photographer, shooting for pleasure. It is better to have It and not need It than need It and not have It. Various RAW comparisons at Link below. Includes 5D3 vs D800E (new uploads), 5D3 vs. 6D, Zeiss lenses etc.

The LCD is a lot clearer in bright sunlight than the D800E. I can only compare it to a 6D I tried out a while back, it seems as good as better than that model in bright sunlight, but that could be my memory or my fondness for the D810 playing tricks on me.

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