A wolf lens in sheep skin (24-75mm)

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A wolf lens in sheep skin (24-75mm)

The most of the kit lenses are simply correct ones, but nothing more. I think i tested the most of the kit lenses of Nikon to Canon and this fuji 16-50mm is really good one.

The best thing is the starting in 24mm, of bought the X-A1 just because of that. Of course is software corrected 24mm, but is vey very useful to start with 24mm and not in 28mm as the most of the kit lenses.

The corners at 16mm and 3.5 are more than great.

The colours you can get are amazing with this lens. Is not a Canon 70-200 f/4 or Canon 20-35mm 2.8, but they are great.

At 50mm you can do a good macro (image cropped).

The main drawback of the lens are the optical distortions but you hace that problems with every single kit lens i owned. So, you have to be careful when you shot architecture and want to get straight lines across the frame. I usually correct then in lightroom/photoshop with ease.

16mm after perspective correction.

The fujinon 18-55mm (2.8-4) is a better lens fully open, but is only 18mm. I am sorry, but i need 16mm.

The fujinon 16-50 can be used fully opened and is good performer, but the best results are at 16mm and f/5.6 or f/8. The detail delivered at 16mm f/5.6 is just amazing:

This is simply a wolf in sheep skin. It's a cheap, plastique and can be easily undestimate. But is small, lightweight and really good optically.

One last advice for this lens: is very prone to dust inside the lens. After 10.000 photos in dusty and beachy places i have too much dust in the botton of the lens. Because they are in the bottom they are not going to appear in the photos but is good to know that is very poorly dust protected. Maybe a UV filter can help, but i consider it like an optical sacrilege.

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