What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

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Re: What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

ericN2 wrote:

uniball wrote:

I have an xt1, my wife has my old xe1 and I still use the camera at times.

While its true the firmware updates have markedly improved the AF on the camera, its not close to the xt1, and I assume the xe2. I rarely used the 35 on the xe1, too finicky in anything but good light. Now its basically bolted on to the camera. So, for me, the improvement spans more than AF, it gives me more flexibility with lenses and stretches the light so to say, deeper into evening hours.

Lovely camera, nice grip with a thumb release, well balanced and a pleasure to use. Either way but I'd go for the xe2 if its your intended budget.

As I'm sure you'll appreciate and agree..we ALL have our fancies in the camera world.. and MINE certainly nowadays don't include any sort of sizeable camera. The XT1 is even bigger than the XE's and that I just don't want.. it makes it not only awkward to carry & use in my case but it's simply not what I call "my sort" of camera now. It's of course not the same..but it's almost like the 'burden' of a dSLR..yet in these times it IS a fact that there are a few cameras particularly that do as good as job in the right hands as many of the (at least) entry level dSLRs.
No thanks..the XE's are a LITTLE bit bigger than I've been using in recent years but because of their retro design I do think more of them and I THINK I could be happy with one (I've still had no chance at all of actually holding or trying an XE..just hope I've done enough homework with such as 'CameraSize' site and even dpR here, to get what I hope is the true idea of using the XE style.

Cameras have come a LONG LONG way in the last year or two and I really feel that using a bigger style is mostly for those who both like that chunk in the hand..or in some way get better use from one.

I find this comment thoroughly confusing. You start a thread on the xe1/xe2.  No where, in three pages of comments, where you are very participative, do you mention a size criteria. And now you introduce a criteria that eliminates the very cameras you asked about.

Yes, these are not pocketable cameras. With the 18 or the 27 they are quite "small" but still a shoulder strap carry.

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