The difference between liberal and conservative

Started Jul 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
Werderano Veteran Member • Posts: 5,777
Re: The difference between liberal and conservative

My impression is that the "conservative" way (survival of the fittest) doesn´t work in our modern times for a society. If you compare the US with Ger or SA with Botswana, the social imbalance leads to more killings, drugs, insecurity and a lower quality of living for everyone. No Charity could really do something against the socialsplitting of a society, but at least the donors get a good feeling.

The question is, are Conservatives in the US are still in the position to realize their mistake? They are watching/reading Murdochpress and quoting "stadies" from the Cato institute, I´m not sure if they are in the situation to escape out of their propaganda world they are living in.

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