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Re: OK - 20, 50 years ago, how much was printed BIG?

Photo Pete wrote:

We are quickly moving to a world of larger, better, higher-resolution screens. 2-8MP screens are becoming normal at all sizes, and in another decade, you can bet 8k (32MP) screens will start to become common.

How often, in the film era, was the average Joe doing more than 4x6's, and maybe a few 8x10's for good measure?

Also, there is a lot of improvements in terms of dynamic range, focus, etc. that will make any pictures look better.

The common Joe who was into photography tended to project big with slide film (something which still out-resolves 4k TV) or produce art prints. Art prints co-existed with those slides and will continue to do so with high res monitors / TVs.

Where did you get that from.  I'm not disagreeing with you but I've never seen a slide projected that can equal even a 1080p tv.

What has changed is the use of 6x4 type snapshots. These will generally disappear to make way for digital storage and projection. And good riddence IMHO.

The 4x6 has mostly been replaced with facebook.

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With slide projection, provided you are using high quality slide film, you are limited by the camera optics and projector optics. With digital you are limted by the display resolution as well.... You are projecting a pretty low res image (I'll let others work out the mp equivalent for 4k etc).
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