Sel 50mm 1.8 Oss vs Fe 55mm 1.8

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Re: Sel 50mm 1.8 Oss vs Fe 55mm 1.8

captura wrote:

pixee wrote:

captura wrote:

Trouble is, on an A7 the E50/1.8 is a crop lens which only delivers 1/2 the pegapixels. So instead of 24 mp on the A7 you get 12 mp. And instead of 36mp on the A7r you only get 18 mp.

If you use crop mode with A7 you get 10mb files, but in ff mode you get still 24mb files and after cropping away the vignetting you get with 50mm sel some 17 mb files and angle of view is some 60mm, and corners are sharp.

From the sounds of it, still not ideal. Workable but won't be as effective as using the 55. And will you get the full-coverage PDAF and how about the OSS?

Not ideal, but works. Sony Sel 10-18 zoom work well with ff A7 and A7r because picture circle is much bigger than 1,5 crop circle. The vignetting area with 50mm Sel is smaller than I thought. Of course the ff lens is better option and I plan to buy 55mm Fe, too. 
I just hope that there will be in near future more ff lenses for Sony A7 serie.

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