Sigma 35 1.4/Nikon D810 live view AF does not work.

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Re: Update the FW - mine works perfectly

daggah wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

pxlwz wrote:

I have an early version lens I upgraded the FW on recently. Works great in LV and in PDAF.

The dock isn't expensive and gives you a far superior mechanism for micro adjusting focus to the camera body. What's not to like?

#1, the adjustment process is pretty technical and probably above the capability level of a lot of users.

not unless they've recently been beaten around the head with a spade... See the link above.

#2, in a way, Sigma is passing the buck with the USB dock. It shouldn't be the customer's responsibility to do that much tweaking to get a lens to work as advertised.

absolutely. I mean, no other manufacturer has ever had to upgrade lens firmware, ever (hint, I might be lying here)...  As to the adjustment, I would rather I could do it in the comfort of my own home than having to worry about whether the courier dropped the parcel etc. the dock costs peanuts  in any event.

#3, why is that level of adjustment even necessary in the first place?

I've had plenty of manufacturer own brand lenses which needed  differing microadjustment at differing focal lengths. You can't do that in camera, but you can with the dock.

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