Sel 50mm 1.8 Oss vs Fe 55mm 1.8

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Re: Sel 50mm 1.8 Oss vs Fe 55mm 1.8

seachicken2000 wrote:

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Maybe some of you have opinion...

I have planned to buy the 55mm Fe 1.8 lens to A7, but after reading DXOmark tests I am not so sure. Nikon 50mm 1.8 G and 85mm 1.8 G get as good score numbers with d800E, but they are much cheaper. I have them both in my Nikon gear. Sony Sel 50mm 1.8 Oss score number is 23 with Sony Nex7 and with EF 55 1.8 number is 25, only two point better.

I have Sel 50mm 1.8 Oss and it works fine in crop mode and also in ff-mode, but after cropping the vignetting I get a picture corresponding some 60mm angle on view with A7.

The answer is
Do I really get much better output with Zeiss FE 55mm 1.8?

I Found almost same thing when comparing Zeiss 35mm 2.8 Fe and excellent Sigma 30mm 2.8. In crop mode. Not big difference and after DXO they share same score number with Nex7.

Zeiss/Sony FE lenses are very expensive when compared with new Nikon G lenses.

Hi, I own the 55mm FE, the 50mm SEL, and a couple of other ~50mm lenses.

The 55mm is expensive, but it's also pretty much perfect. Most 50mm lenses will not be sharp over the whole frame at wider apertures. The 55mm FE is sharp everywhere from wide open. Compare it to the 50mm f/1.8 G (DXOMark, A7r/D800E) and you'll see that the 55mm is sharper at f/1.8 in the corners than the 50mm at f/8! It's also got a certain Zeissiness in the way it draws images, if you believe that particular emperor wears clothes.

If a standard prime is an important focal length to you, I would definitely recommend you give it serious consideration. It's one of the highlights of the system IMO.

That said, most other 50mm lenses are very very good, it's not all about achieving optical perfection, and how often do you really need sharp corners wide open? I use the Minolta 50mm macro quite a lot as a standard prime on the A7r, and it does a fine job. I do prefer the output from the Zeiss, but the Minolta's also a very capable lens, and cost me 1/10 of the price.

On a limited budget, I think it would make sense to use an adapted nifty 50, and allocate the money to another lens where good cheap alternatives are harder to come by.

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I agree,  but it is best to test them both together and also with my Nikon 50mm 1.8g,  85mm 1.8G and Sigma 35mm 1.4 before decision, because in Nikon d800 and Df these are really good lenses.

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