Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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Re: Casual "warning"

My "dslr" choice for Italy would have been to upgrade from my D200 to the D7100.  The D7100 because I have an older 12-24 Tokina so need the body focus drive.  Otherwise the D5300 probably would have been suitable as well, but needing a new wide zoom would have eaten up the price difference for the most part.  (Had I done that, Nikon would have released the follow up to either the D300s or D7100 - or both.  Sony released the A6000 only a matter of about 2 months after the trip.)

The D200 would have been fine for exteriors, etc., and anything that I would do with the travel tripod but the advances over the years in higher iso performance is remarkable and it simply can't approach the results so many of the newer cameras can get in lower light interiors.  I'd have stuck with the 18-70,  the 50/1.7 and 70-300 VR G and probably would only have used it a handful of times.

I was really impressed with the RX100 we got for my daughter (although it and the NEX-6 have to be watched or set up to avoid going to slow on some of the "auto" type modes.)  I wanted a viewfinder so it wasn't my choice but now (yep, after "the trip," they've released the MK III and it has a faster lens and finder.

Everybody is different as to what they value most in picking gear, how much time they have to be serious about the photography, how fast they want to move, how much to carry, etc.  But in following threads on the Landscape and Travel forum here and similar forums, I'm seeing a lot of photographers looking towards the various smaller and lighter cameras for personal and sometimes even "professional" travel use.

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