Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

Started Jul 19, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Casual "warning"

I think your comments are pretty close to the mark.

I was one of the group advocating DSLR+UWA (and another lens), but after some thought, and a little practice carrying around the gear, I've just about decided to get a Sony RX100 or similar, to avoid the hassle.

I've been on a cruise with a couple of cameras and several lenses, but in that case, the cabin provided a reasonably secure place for the extra gear. For an up-coming road trip of Australia, I'll be taking "the lot", because I'll have my own transport, and it will be primarily a photographic excursion to some places I haven't visited before.

In Italy, I don't think that I'll be capturing any unique shots, so a good compact will do the job.

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