Imperfections - Post Yours

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Imperfections - Post Yours

Ok this idea I have is on the back of KiwiBloke's recent thread on compelling images.  Too often we are subjected to comment (rightfully or wrongly) on images that have many issues ( noise, or OOF, or other blemishes to name a few) yet we still see that image as a shot that was worth taking and had associated merits.

The purpose of this thread is not to thumb nose those detractors per se but instead display an image/images that have inherent flaws but stand up as poignant representation of your art and gifts.  Feel free to run a commentary on that image or images so you can sell what you saw not only in the original when shooting/framing but also on what you saw later before promulgating to the WWW.

I'll start with a couple.  The first is a chance image.  I was shooting in a park, mainly inanimate objects, and turned to see these two girls walking by, so raised the camera to my eye and shot blind, i.e. no adjustment for focus, etc.  This image I gave the B&W treatment in Lightzone with a hint of Sepia, but also in bringing it to PP life upped the light and in so doing increased the noise.  Now I knew if I posted it I'd get noise comments but to me the image was not about noise, but the two differing poses by each woman.  One in determined stance, the other in subdued acquiescence and pensive.

This second and last image wasn't about noise nor any other processing/capturing issue.  It was about framing.  When posted I had some comments about the subject being centre framed and detracting from the intent of the image.  I was aware when taking the shot that it was central but without any other background except the bright blue sky I felt the subject needed to be central as t5hat was the central character in the image?  I think too often folks offer what seems at time good advise, but often times forget why the photographer took that image the way they did?  Don't get me wrong, I applaud advice and sound experience, but sometimes we as observers have to overlook the inherent flaws and see the image.  Here Britannia is the statue and she is holding a lance with a flag.  At the time of shooting, I was focused on her as the subject.  However later when PPing I realised the real subject was the definition in the furled flag.  She suddenly became the holder of my interest, not the interest in itself.

Anyway, you're not obligated to participate but if you do, have some fun.  I'm sure there are many images and photographers who'd like to stand up for imperfection!!


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