Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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Re: Casual "warning"

You've maybe reached the point where you will begin to get "too much" information.  Some is just noise from those who need the attention, some is just more info.  You've gotten some nuggets and some slag.  The problem with "too much" information is it gets harder to sort it out.  Because most of it is good and reasonable.

Not that it's bad but you've gone from trying to stick to two lenses (with I think the dominant suggestions being wider angles and maybe a better "kit" or mid-range wide to short tele zoom), to maybe more lenses (try a fast prime (wink)), and now maybe two cameras.  And maybe tripods.  So you're dealing with gear creep.  Too much gear can be uncomfortable or it may be OK, just depends on your tolerance, endurance and that of any companions.  My companions were quite clear, my camera, my gear, my pack.  No helping.  But we did have my daughter's RX100 as a secondary camera if needed.

I'd suggest, whether or not you want to play twenty questions with the crowd, that you may need to decide if adding a camera as opposed to renting, that you might need to rule in or out a camera that fits mostly rather stodgy travel needs or you want to go out and cover the future needs, for perhaps faster frame rates, faster focus performance, etc.  Since I'm not a Canon type, I don't know if you'd want to consider a limited upgrade to the current or almost current top "entry level" camera or go to advanced consumer, semi-pro, etc., type bodies.  It might be that the follow-ons to your current model may be closer in ergonomics, functional settings, menus, etc., and easier to get familiar with.  The T5i also has modes like Multi shot Noise Reduction, handheld Night Scene and HDR backlight, that can help deal with some of the less optimal light conditions.  Choosing to empasize travel and short term interests might mean you'd need to replace the camera or go for a second body later as well.  Two cameras isn't bad, lots of folks have bodies fit to specific interests, or tripods small and large, etc.

I'd had a similar thread on another forum about gear selections for a similar trip and even emphasizing limiting gear for weight and ease of travel considerations and serious budget concerns, I had answers that ran the gamut from suggesting multicamera and lens systems, renting Leica systems, going full frame and multiple new lenses, etc.  I did end up with just the one mirrorless body and lens but while limited at times, I also was comfrtable, didn't stress over gear on and off the planes, didn't have bulky bags or worries about overly tempting the bag snatchers, etc.  And even not being all the way familiar with the new camera, I had a good time and got a lot of pictures I am happy with.

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