Why I'm moving from the Sony A7 to Fuji X-T1

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Re: A7 vs. XT1... the test!!!

Duane H wrote:

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Duane H wrote:


Check this link out, I am also looking at the A7 and X-T1, this shows some dramatic differences between the two.

Ha! Hey, Duane. Fancy meeting you here.

Yep, there it was, staring me in the face, the incredible detail that the A7 series lenses will capture... in tests conducted under studio conditions and held up to pixel peeping scrutiny.

Undeniably, with a tripod and studio lighting focused on an intricate design, the A7 will bring out more detail and fine contrast. And if you massage the RAW images properly and purchase the right filtering software, you can eliminate the noise and apply a film effect.

The thing is... I don't shoot resolution tests while mounted on a tripod under studio lighting conditions. I take photos of people, and flowers, and bugs, and animals, and weird geometry. I want to photograph concerts and night life. And I don't stare at each leaf on a distant tree when I'm looking at the sunset. Half the time I intentionally jack the curves around my photos for psychedelic effect or push an out of focus shot to the edge of reality. The rest of the time I'm looking for a nice soft tone. I get a kick out of playing with the filter settings on my little Pentax Q10, not always having to get those effects via post-processing, and feel like maybe I'm missing that with my Sony...

Maybe I'm wrong. What do you folks who've been in both worlds think?

And then there are the lenses. (Please don't bring up yesteryear's discounts.) I balk at the prices, but then... I want an aperture ring on my lens. I want to predictably feel focus and zoom. I like old analogue design. I miss having a channel dial on a TV. I bought the model of microwave I have specifically because it has a dial for the settings... and I can feel and hear it go "click, click, click" when I turn it.

Am I missing something? Just how much of a pain are those Fuji RAW files? Is the quality of the lenses, in addition to their larger apertures, that much better? What would I be giving up if I'm looking at an XE2 versus an A6ooo?

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I'm just over hear trying to get as much info as I can. I've tried the XT-1 in the camera store and like it a lot except for the ISO dial, just doesn't seem right you have to hold down a button and turn the dial at the same time.

I too any wondering if the raw files developed by LR are as bad as some say. I've been trying Capture One Pro 7 and am liking it a lot, not sure how it handles Fuji files.

I know these comparison tools are not real world but they do give you something to think about, if my camera store would allow me to spend a few days with each that would be great but it doesn't work that way.

Well, that ISO dial doesn't sound very convenient. I'll have to remember to take a close look at that.

You might be interested in this page regarding your 50mm lens. http://jonasraskphotography.com/2013/10/23/full-frame-x-pro1-the-mitakon-lens-turbo-review/

You mentioned large scale prints, have you used any software out of the ordinary for enlarging your files?

And it looks like the RAW file processing is pretty much a non-issue now. Here's one relevant quote for your situation. I think the "time-wasting" might also be related to trying to replicate the quality of the out of camera JPEGs. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3627278#forum-post-53151971

"I wouldn't call it difficult, but as far as I'm concerned, time-wasting. Basically, I import the raw files in Capture One to take advantage of its better demoscaing of X-trans files, but then export them in TIFF to Lightroom to take advantage of the latter's better tonal adjustments and more efficient workflow (IMHO). So yes, I loose a little bit of time doing this compared to directly importing the raw files in Lightroom." http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3627278#forum-post-53151971

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