My advice on filters: Go with 82mm

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My advice on filters: Go with 82mm

Ok, and now that this is out of the way you may skip reading the rest

This is my story, which might or might not benefit others. I got last year into the Fuji ILC system (owned X100 and X100S before) and originally bought a couple of lenses, the 27mm, 23mm and 14mm. Both with filter threads up to 62mm, all good. Then I laid my eyes on the 55-200 zoom and the 56mm. Both of those also up to 62mm, so I said to myself, let me go ahead and stack up on 62mm cheap, small and light filters. Right ? Wrong.

Because then came the awesome deal on the Zeiss 12mm.. Not only 67mm thread but also, ultra wide lens. Which means that if you want to stack up filters, 67mm is not good enough, not even 77mm. Not if, like me, you might need to stack up to 3 filters - 2 ND + 1 Grad ND or 1 hot mirror + 1 ND + 1 Grad ND etc. In your case, you may wanna consider the 10-24 (72mm) or the upcoming 16-55 (77mm). Or another ultra fast lens that might come up in the future. Whatever the case might be, my advice is to go with 82mm.You never know what you will be buying and you don't want to have to think twice or, like me, regret for buying 62mm filters. Which by the way seem impossible to sell - been on Amazon for over a month!

I did consider the square filters, mainly the Grad ND. But I decided I didn't want to carry the square filter holder, or the filter for that matter. I believe the round Grad ND will serve me fine, and in the rare occasion that a square one would do such a much better job.. well, that remains to be seen for what I shoot and I can always replace that one filter.

I did keep one filter in 62mm: my Hoya variable ND. Figured that it doesn't make sense to replace that one with a larger version since I already own it and I will never use it with the wide lens anyway.

Below are the filters I use:

Top to bottom:

  • Hoya 720nm IR
  • Kolari Vision hotmirror (absorbing type)
  • Rocolax 850nm IR
  • Tiffen HT 0.6 soft Grad ND
  • Marumi DHG CPL
  • B+W 3.0 MRC ND
  • Kenko Pro 100000 ND
  • Rocolax 590nm IR
  • Rocolax 650nm IR

I made sure to pick the best possible filter that wouldn't cost an arm and leg. Apart from the B+W MRC 3.0 ND, which cost me a whooping 220$, the rest were pretty reasonable and not that far off the 62mm version. I did pay a lot but I now know I will keep these filters forever - well, unless they come up with larger than 82mm filter threads in my lifetime.

And by the way, I strongly suggest screw on caps to carry them, as above. Or the excellent Tiffen 4 filter pouch, for speed and versatility. Below you can see that if split in two stack, they can easily fit any small bag.

That's it and hope this might be of some help.

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