XT1/55-200 image comparison with Canon 7D/70-200f4LIS using LR5.5

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XT1/55-200 image comparison with Canon 7D/70-200f4LIS using LR5.5

Hello Fuji shooters.

I'm a new Fuji user and recently added the XT1 with 18-55 and 55-200 to my bag and I'm pretty excited with the new Fuji kit. I've been shooting for nearly 40 years and have a fairly extensive Canon system including the 7D and the 70-200f4LIS and on a recent outing I had both the XT1 and 7D with me and did some comparison shots I thought others might have interest in seeing. I didn't have a tripod and used IS/OIS so please excuse the framing being slightly off. I do work with a tripod on occasion but most of my shooting is without so this comparison is more valid for the way I shoot most of the time.

I processed the shots in LR 5.5 and used a preset I developed to replicate the rendering of XT1 RAW files when using Iridient Developer. IMO the preset does a pretty good job for detail, clarity, contrast and sharpness but needs more work for the color profile although the greens are pretty close as I did develop the preset based on distant in-focus foliage. I use the preset as my starting point with XT1 files and adjust according to the file and the output.

What I've found is that in more situations than not LR defaults render a 7D file with slightly more detail and sharpness than XT1 files but the preset seems to take care of that nicely. I've found the opposite to be true with Photo Ninja and ID as both render a lot of detail, clarity and sharpness with XT1 files at default settings but I like the LR workflow and this thread isn't about RAW converters. To be fair, I used the same custom LR preset on both the XT1 and 7D files as it does provide a boost in sharpness and detail and I did so to keep the playing field as level as possible.

I also wanted to see how well the $600 55-200 compares to the $1300 Canon L zoom that has a reputation for being one of the sharpest 70-200's of any make until the latest f2.8II version hit the street at $2500. Still, the 70-200f4LIS is an exceptional lens for sharpness and contrast and the 7D, although almost 5 years old, is still very competitive in the area of detail for APS C. In spite of its age the only real complaint with the 7D is noise and DR limits.

Sorry for the screen shots from my Mac but I suggest clicking "original" and then click on the image to enlarge. Both shots are at 200mm f8 with the 7D at ISO 100 1/50th and the XT1 at ISO 200 1/100th. I did raise the XT1 file 1/3rd stop to equalize the histograms as best as possible (the noted Fuji ISO "cheat" as some say).

Here's the overall scene in the LR comparison window. The 7D is always on the left with the XT1 on the right.

And here's a series of crops to show the various areas of the frames at 100% on screen.

I thought some people who are on the fence over IQ may find this comparison of interest. My concerns over "losing" anything in regard to IQ compared to my 7D are no longer a concern and in fact I've now had my eyes opened to the extremely clean files of the X-Trans and the very helpful increase in DR at any ISO but especially in the shadows at ISO 200.

I'm also very impressed with the 55-200 as even wide open it's very competitive with the 70-200f4LIS. I've taken many comparison shots of different scenes with similar results but I thought this one was a good representation. I'll say too that the 18-55 matches up very well against Canon's 24-105f4LIS at equivalent FL's on the 7D.

I'm curious to hear the thoughts and opinions of others and hope people find this comparison of value.

Thanks for reading and looking.


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