The difference between liberal and conservative

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Good spin

Bonker wrote:

lownine wrote:

Bonker wrote:

Liberals possess compassion. Conservatives possess animosity. Plain and simple.

And this thread

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You must believe I said something I did not. Please reread and understand the words apart from your bias.

Edit: Nevermined. I'll explain it to you. Liberals possess(own) compassion. We are the stewards. It is possible for conservatives to express compassion from time to time but they don't possess(own) it. They possess(own) animosity. Liberals are certainly capable of expressing it but it is the conservatives that possess(own) animosity. They are the stewards.

Really sounds nice, but it's just spin. The ACA is a great example.  Under the guise of helping people, it's about seizing control of an important part of everyone's life - even those who don't want or need any help.

Liberals love to say they have compassion, but what they mean is "We need to take over here." It's all about power and control.

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