Highly Impressed With My New D810!!

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Re: Highly Impressed With My New D810!!

Jeff2013 wrote:

I had nothing but problems with autofocus on my D800E. A trip to Nikon repair did little to alleviate the problems. I shot another D800E and, although better, was still not highly consistent when shooting f1.4 lenses wide-open. Whenever I wanted to use fast lenses, I had no choice but to use my A7R's (which isn't a bad option with the incredible Zeiss glass, available).

I just spent a couple of hours with my new D810. Wow! The focus is amazing - highly accurate and consistent. I can now leave my back-button focus on Continuous for all shooting - i could never do that with the D800E.

I always disliked the noisy shutter on my D800E, from the time I took it out of the box. The D810 shutter is amazingly quiet! All the small changes are great and I really like the Area Focus and the highlight-exposure mode. Images on the rear screen at 100% magnification are now sharp, so the screen is more useful to judge proper focus, as I can with my other cameras.

Amazingly, my lenses now require zero calibration offsets, unlike any other Nikon bodies that I have used. This is a nice bonus.

I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy to order the D810 after all my problems with the D800E. I'm now very pleased that I took the leap of faith.

A lot of folks seem disappointed with this new camera release. Overall, I think it is a quantum leap forward.

The only thing I do not like is that they replaced the die-cast pop-up flash cover with a really cheap plastic piece. It not only looks cheap, since it does not match the spatter-paint on the rest of the camera, the tactile feel is terrible. It looks like it belongs on an old, cheap D3100 consumer camera. What were the Nikon engineers thinking when they value-engineered that??!! Such low-grade parts do not belong on a Pro camera, period!!

My D800E had an identical flash cover to the one on my D810. Both were made from plastic and both have the splatter paint on the outside

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