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You nailed it right there.....

Jrkahuna wrote:

pmenear wrote:


Many of us believe photography is an art form that is not complete until the ink is on the paper. Each image not printed is just another practice step towards the next print.

I am sure that many of you believe that. However, many do not. That is the reality that we live. It may not be the reality that you like, but that is life.

I could not disagree more. Just the other day we were at Baskin Robbins after the Tae Kwon Do tournament and my 8 year was going to town on an ice cream cone. Had ice cream everywhere. Chin, nose, cheeks you name it. Now, I had two options:

Option A: I could have run back to the car and grabbed the D610, put the 85 mm 1.8 on it, set up the perfect composition and exposure and snapped the picture


Option B: I could have just grabbed the iPhone sitting right next to me and SNAP there is a funny snapshot of him with ice cream all over his face that I instantly texted to everyone I could think of.

Which option do you think I took?

I know that for many this is an artistic enterprise that transcends just taking pictures. I happen to believe there is room for both. I truly appreciate the artfulness and creative nature of photography. But, I also appreciate that there is room for just random snapshots that may not be going up on anyones wall.

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Life was a lot easier when I didn't give a crap what my pictures looked like

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