The difference between liberal and conservative

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The difference I see

Liberals worship people.

Their leaders are like rock stars to them. Kennedys, Clintons, Obamas, whatever.... it doesn't matter who they are or what they believe in, and whether they actually do what they say they will do. Only a liberal would swoon and faint when Obama gives a speech. No conservative would do that when Reagan was speaking. When a liberal icon betrays the fold, then the fold simply revises their beliefs and continues to worship their icon. This is why liberals who previously were civil libertarians have no problem with Obama spying on Americans, and liberals who previously were war protesters have no problem with Obama drawing red lines, and waging war with drones.

Liberals see themselves as compassionate, and express that compassion by forcing other people to accept their bizarre beliefs. They would mandate what you could eat, drink, smoke, drive, read, and wear, and they will decide what speech must be censored. Because they always know what's best for you. They actually want to criminalize dissent against their views, and will insist that any criticism of a black person is racism. By definition.

They claim to be "pro choice" but actually oppose choice for everything except abortions.

Conservatives worship ideas.

Things like smaller and less intrusive government, lower taxes, greater personal responsibility. They hold their leaders accountable, and when a leader betrays them they abandon that leader. Examples are.... it was conservatives who abandoned Nixon and told him to step down. It was conservatives who stayed home on election day in 1992, after GH Bush broke his no new taxes pledge. They will discard a leader who breaks their word instantly. Conservative legs don't "tingle" when a politician speaks. They listen to what that politician is saying, and decide if it matches their own views or not.

Conservatives see themselves as rational, and want everyone to take responsibility for their own actions. They do not want to encourage or enable bad decisions. They want you to pay the price for your own mistakes, so you might learn a lesson from it and not repeat that mistake over and over again.

They claim to be "pro life" but take enormous pleasure in executing serial killers.

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