Print is dead!

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Far too broad of a statement to be true…

I get why those who spend their entire lives on the internet post thing like this, “Print is Dead!” or “I am a Hobbiest, not a pro…”, it’s to bring attention to themselves, start one of those tantalizing online conversations that they don’t have to be in person for.

The Dodo bird, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, those things are dead…

Print, film, darkrooms, actual photographers making 6+ figures a year net, those things are not dead.

I can attest to the latter because I am that guy. 10% of my annual income is derived from shooting digital, the rest is my shooting medium and large format black and white film and hand crafting *actual* photographs on silver gelatin paper in my darkroom, not my other words, I sell prints. Sure, I get requests for prints from some of my digital work and I get a good amount of it published in actual print ads and editorial pubs. But people still love prints of stellar shots, that part of my full time photo income is steadily going up….

The thing of it is, this is a tech site, not even so much about photography anymore, so as broad as the topics seem, the purview of many of it’s readership / poster-ship is rather narrow in scope….it kind of defeats the purpose of an open platform for sharing, these provocative and broad stroke statements that are really at the end of the day, self serving for the OP. As seen here not all are narrow in scope and have presented the other facts.

But for the most part, you get a whole bunch of the same old garbage from the same old software developers, dead end desk job jockeys, gear hounds, tech heads and those who just flat out live for the internet and the sum of those parts is one big digital bucket of sand.

Print is not dead..

Film is not dead…

Photography is not dead…

Anyone who really wants to challenge or confirm the deaths of the above will venture out past the miles-thick walls of photo enthusiast driven blowhards and get the truth. The rest is just BS….

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