Print is dead!

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Re: Print is dead!

Lord of the Badgers wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

I do a few prints, but a 65" UHDTV is a lot more impressive :^)

No it isn't. It's just bl**dy ridiculous and would probably have me throwing up in a few seconds... I get that if I sit too close to my Panasonic 46"-over-reaction-to-sudden-singledom....

Lord of the Badgers, lol.  I thought badgers could stomach anything.

If you're talking about the vintage Panasonic 720p 46" plasma, yes, prints are a lot better than that old clunker.

Try your D800e full size jpgs plugged into the side of a Samsung 65" UHDTV if you can find one in Blighty.  I think your world will be well and truly rocked.  About 2000 nits worth :^)  Fair warning: your old post processing will not look as good as you expected whilst under this microscope.

Pip pip!

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