Picture developing, do they ever look as good as on the computer?

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Picture developing, do they ever look as good as on the computer?

I'm really new to DSLR (Canon D7) picture taking but I managed to get some great pictures from a family vacation.  I converted the pictures to JPEGs that are about 16mb files.  I took picture files to Wallmart just to see what I could get using their instant photo processing.  I suspect their instant photos are even one step lower than their 1 hour processing.  Anyway, after spending $25 on a bunch of 4x6 pictures all I can say is I'll never do that again.  The colors were muted and the pictures looked soft.  The pictures had a red hue to them which made everyone look like they had a sunburn.  The pictures looked like they were developed with a dark piece of plastic over the pictures.

On the other hand, when I processed the pictures on my computer using the Cannon Digital Photo Professional, the Images were sharp, full of color and were corrected for great exposer.  In addition, I sharpened the pictures both in their Raw state and in their JPEG form.


Do your printed pictures ever look as good as the picture displayed on the computer screen?

Do the colors match between your computer (processed picture) and on picture paper.  I know that is a tough question since everyone can have different monitor settings.  But on my monitor, there was a red stripe on a boat that was a perfect red.  The same picture that was printed had the red a dark color that was obviously red but much less red than on my computer.  Almost a dark muted lifeless red.  Very disappointing.

Do printed pictures have less dynamic range?

Where would you recommend I send my pictures for processing?  Should I send JPEG's or already worked Raw images?  It seems in Canon Digital Photo, I lose a little picture quality when I save them as JPEG pictures.  It would be nice if I can send Raw images.

I know I got what I deserved going for instant photo processing.  I just want to make a better informed processing decision next time!



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