Not trusting peaking all that much

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Re: "It depends"...

MediaArchivist wrote:

If the peaking is showing up on the edge of the frame, and that edge is raised from the item in the frame, then focus peaking will (correctly) have identified the edge of the frame as in focus. Other parts of the image may, or may not be in focus as well due to:

  • not being in the same focal plane (closer or further away)
  • focal plane curvature with some lenses

Remember that all focus peaking does is find high contrast edges and "peak" them with color, on the assumption that such well defined edges indicate focus. It is a pretty good assumption, but not always correct. It can be fooled by bright reflections, flare, etc. If your subject is of low contrast, peaking may not help much. Have you tried magnifying first? Peaking still works in magnify focus mode, and this can help with lower contrast areas.

The assumption is that items in focus will have sharp edges, and hence items with sharp edges are considered to be in focus or at least they will show up clearly on the image.

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