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I realize that reviewing the latest high-tech camera is more fun than reviewing the middle of the field average camera, but come on guys; not all of us can afford cameras with MSRP's of $750 and more. When I see a new review I first go to the price, and frankly, if the the number is north of $500 I read no further. Check the prices of the last six or so cameras reviewed and you will see the issue. Are there no cameras in the $500 range worth reviewing? Why not throw in a couple of middle class cameras for the rest of us, and expand your readership?

I don't think the average amateur is retired and on a limited budget. I don't think reviewing more low end cameras will increase readership as most people are buying higher end cameras.

I am one, and I never buy any camera over $200 these days, so all the reviews on this site are completely useless to me.


The average person on DPR does not buy $200 cameras. I will say the average person on dPR has a camera phone which does a pretty good job. You are an even smaller minority than the OP.

I already own a $50 phone that costs $100/year for my plan, so the last thing I need is an expensive phone, but you are right, I am becoming an extinct species here, yet still getting great enjoyment out of photography.


Hi Brian,

Your not alone I just bought a "cheap" Olympus XZ-10 which is way better and much more fun than whatever smartphone out there. Getting enjoyment out of photography isn't about pixel peeping and discussing distortion but it's about the feelings taking and looking at a photo will create.

Like this one taken in house without flash which gave me and my family and friends lots of pleasure:

Dust on the printer thanks to our dog who is waiting for food...

I'm also a owner of the XZ-10 for almost 4 weeks and have to agree. There is no cell phone as good as this camera, I have a iPhone 5 and the XZ-10 destroys it. It's a really great little camera expecially for portrait macro and indoors because of it's bright lens so you can make really good pictures without flash, not even cameras like Canon S models can compete with it and it's really cheap right now, got it for 149.90€

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