New Fuji fan, I went for the X100s, hints or recommendations for settings etc

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Re: New Fuji fan, I went for the X100s, hints or recommendations for settings etc

LeeStG wrote:

It was a tough decision til the bitter end. I could have saved myself money and went for the x-e1 body only and get a used 27mm lens or even just saved a little bit and went for the same lens combo and the x-e2 body but I didn't. I can still change my mind but I felt like the x100s was the one I really wanted and sometimes the practical decision isn't always the smartest. Go with what you really love to shoot with.

Still having the x-e1 body w/27 lens as a rental I do see that the image quality would have been virtually the same but I honestly think it's a bit better with the x100s. Something about the fixed lens and body style makes it (for me) an even better hit vs miss scenario.

If anyone wants to recommend hints for settings......I'd love it. I also need a good fitted leather case for it.

Still a bit of sticker shock for me but I did trade some stuff that while incredible quality, I simply never used. Almost had a heart attack making the trade but again, if it sits there for years at a time, what's the point?

Aside from gigs where I'm paid to use my Canon full frames and L glass, it's nice to again have a camera that makes me want to pull the car over and try to nail that perfect shot of whatever catches my eye. I haven't done that in a long time. Tried quite a few pocket able or near pocket able cams and they all still seemed like a pain to get out whenever my eye caught a great view along my daily travels. Not with this. I'll stop and get lost in that awesome moment of trying to catch what my eye tells me is a killer shot. Nice.

I find the Really Right Stuff hand grip a needed accessory for me. I also have both the 28 mm & 50 mm conversion lenses.

As far as settings I advise manually setting ISO and Dynamic Range just like the XE-1. The built in ND filter of the X100s has been a life saver.

I also have the filter ring adapter and hood.  I do not find form fitting cases of much value or use. I need to carry a filter or two, extra battery.

The Think Tank mirrorless mover 10, Billingham Digital work well. If you add the conversion lenses the Billingham Small.

The next thing I need is a good travel carbon fiber mono-pod for it. Working on narrowing that down.

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