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manhattan wrote:

With the exception of wedding, commercial and senior portraits I think with the exception of the occasional photograph that print is dead. People are much more interested in simply sharing for a moment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They are not interested in the extreme quality that a D810/5D can produce as long as the photo captures them in an exceptional location, pose or group setting. There are exceptions of course, but really makes you wonder what the future of photography is? We already have seen phones basically destroy the low end point and shoot market. People are happy with less and showing they are simply not interested in paying for more.

I have been thinking about upgrading to a new D810 for several reasons, but wonder if the only person who will really appreciate any improvements will be me. I seriously don't think others will either notice or appreciate.

Maybe this is our "CD Moment"? Just like when the obvious quality in vinyl records was replaced by cheap and inferior sounding CDs. Digital makes it easy, light, portable and shareable. Hmmm.

You could not be more wrong. True photography still flourishes in prints and always will. Only the print can truly express what the photographer intended. Some sort of print will always be what is shown in galleries and sold as art. Only in the print can the colors and tones and detail be expressed as the photographer intended and exactly the size that was intended.

The snapshots with inaccurate color and tone shared on digital media fulfill a social function but do not reach the artistic merits of a great print.

I have never seen an image truly come to life like it does in a great print. Look close at original prints by the photography masters and you will understand. For instance original prints by Karsh of Churchill and Shaw will take your breath away.

Totally agree. It's in large prints that the resolution of today's better cameras really shows up, far beyond what can be observed on-screen.

A couple of years ago I got a large (13x19) Canon photo printer as part of a deal at B&H. My intention was to sell the printer. It's original price was about $900 and at the time had been selling for $300-plus but due to the B&H deal, Ebay was overstocked with 'em and they weren't fetching much of a price. So, I thought what the heck, I've only got $75 or $100 to lose, and decided to give a try to photo printing.

I'm totally sold on it. I don't print a lot of photos, but a fair amount and from 4x6 to 8x10 to 13x19. IMO printing is the biggest reason for these high MP cameras.

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