amazing Canon story (and advice)

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amazing Canon story (and advice)

I'll try to make this brief, as I'm overwhelmed with excitement right now.

Quickly -- I'm a Nikon guy. Love the ergonomics, Canons never felt 'right' to me. Makes sense, as that's what I'm used to, having owned Nikons, and used them as an art director. Unfortunately, I had to sell ALL of my Nikon gear last year. It still stings, but I always bounce back. The prospect of saving up for just a body and simple prime, however, just isn't in the financial picture.

Fast forward to today. I was at a friend's house (retired teacher and fellow photo enthusiast) fixing his computer. I probably head over there a few times a month as he's not computer savvy. We're chatting, he mentions he's slowing down with his shooting, I say I miss shooting since I sold my gear.

He gives me:

Canon 30D

and, wait for it...

His 70-200 IS

I'm, simply put, stunned. He wants to see someone use the gear that will appreciate it, and I'm over the moon, cloud 9, tickled pink. I can't believe it.

For 1/2 a second, I considered selling the lot and getting back to Nikon but almost immediately shot that down. I'd barely be able to grab a 7100 plus a cheap prime if I sold the Canon gear (besides, it was gifted to me, and doesn't feel right).

I've played with the 30D. It's frustrating, but I'm getting used to it. I'm used to my two command wheels on the Nikon, but digging into some of the custom functions I'm finding what I need. There are even some things I'm starting to like a little more than Nikon (centering the AF point by pressing the little multifunction stick, for instance).

Now, the advice... if I sold the 18-55, 55-200 and the BG-E2N, would I be able to scrape together enough funds to upgrade to a 40D or 50D?

The L lens is obviously a dream piece is something I definitely want to keep. The 30D should be sufficient, really... the 8mp doesn't bother me and will be fine for normal size prints. i would like to bump up to the 40D for the 14-bit raw.

Still shaking my head over my good fortune... really looking forward to using the 70-200 tomorrow at the zoo!

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