What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

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Re: What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

darngooddesign wrote:

Any XE2 review will list the improvements over the XE1 but a couple of things stand out in my mind.

The XE1 has stopped receiving firmware updates so this is as good as it will perform while the XE2 will keep being improved for a while.

The XE2 has Wifi and split image manual focusing.

The XE2 has better focus tracking, not XT1 good, but better than the XE1.

The XE2 has 180X on its shutter speed dial so you can quickly set it to the fastest flash sync speed. On the XE1 you have to set it to 125 or 250 and then use the rear buttons to get to 160 (not 180 btw). It just takes longer on the XE1 and if you accidentally press the left/right buttons your shutter speed changes.

The XE2 has separate AF and AE lock buttons.

Noted .. VERY worthwhile ..

The XE2 has a higher res rear screen.

Noted...VERY worthwhile if not essential to ME..

The XE2 has +/- 3 exposure come while the XE1 has just +/- 2. The XE2's dials are stiffer so you are less likely to accidentally move the exposure comp.

Then again, the XE1 lets you set the view mode of the EVF separately from the rear LCD. The XE2 no longer has a view mode button, so you have to set all that in the menus; this isn't a problem for me as I set both shooting and playback to eye sensor when i got it and haven't changed that since.

In disclosure, I bought a used XE1 body. If I were buying a new XE camera, I think I would end up getting a lightly used XE2 because I like the improvements. In reality I'm waiting for the Photokina tradeshow in September to see which new cameras Fuji announces. There are supposed to be an X-Pro2 and X100S2 announced, both of which I am interested in.

Now all this being said, the money you save getting an XE1 will buy you a really nice lens. That's what I did so I ended up with an XE1, 35mm, and 27mm for the price of the XE2 body.

In view of ALL the points mentioned above though - as improvements - is it really a good move to buy the cheaper camera if it doesn't really have many things "you" feel important....
I appreciate all you say and thank you for responding.  In one or more of my replies here I have now indicated that I've had the benefit of advice of a good  Forum friend who I now find has ALL of the Fujis !!.. and so can very readily see and  advise all the little differences.. they are NOT "little" in many cases to MY sort of wish..and it now seems that if I ever get to pursue  this further it has to be the -E2. but along with that YOU say..is it maybe the case that very soon..it MAY mean that we see a further reduction in such as disposed E2's  because of newer or improved ones..maybe it is not quite the best time.. and a short wait could pay dividends.. I'm quite happy with my superb little GM-1 plus excellent lenses right now anyway...much as I'd very much like the E2 (as it now has to be..)

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