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Re: LUCKY ME!!!!

Thanks for the thought, unfortunately though I'm not NPS. However, I just called B&H back because I was concerned about how long it would be backordered and the "Switch and Save" rebate I intended to use, and I found out that the next shipment of D810s came in today and I was at the top of the list (sorry to whomever I displaced - no not really sorry  ) and mine is being overnighted for delivery tomorrow. I can't wait.

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So I've been tracking my D810 package for delivery today - this morning when I checked, I saw the status update was that it had been DAMAGED in shipment by UPS. Now I am back in line with B&H for the next shipment. I told them I expected to be in the front of the line for when the next shipment came in, we'll see what works out in the end. When I asked, they checked and had no information on when the next shipment will come in.

I guess I have more time to cancel now if everyone starts reporting in fatal flaws this week

TOR8472 wrote:

I placed my order from B&H on July 3rd hoping to get it before September. I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from B&H a few minutes ago saying it shipped - mine will arrive on 7/21!

Are you an NPS Member? If so just go to your Nikonpro account and put in a Priority Purchase request. Once that is done Nikon ships yours to your store of choice with no wait. I ordered mine on the July 14, 2014 and was already shipped out to me from the store I had purchased from under the Priority Purchase from NPS.

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