Print is dead!

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Only prints will survive over time

If you want your images to survive for more than a decade or two, consider making prints. All those digital image files will soon be lost to obsolescence, hard drive crashes, and the like.

The image glut we face today is extremely ephemeral. If you want your child's photographs to survive as digital media, then be sure to make meticulous backups and transfer them to new media formats as the old ones become obsolete. That's something very few people do since they don't appreciate the need.

For instance, it's very difficult today to recover files from floppies simply because the drives are no longer common, and it will be impossible in just a few more years because the floppies physically degrade. The same will apply to current hard drives and other bleeding edge tech just a few years down the road. Who here can read anything but a SATA drive, or a pre-IDE drive? Most digital images will be lost in relatively short time spans. But prints will persist, provided you keep them tucked away in the back of an obscure drawer for your descendants to discover. And BTW data on hard drives and flash drives will start corrupting in about a decade, and for computer-written DVDs just a few years.

And speaking of image glut, prints set you apart from that. I sell several hundred sofa-sized prints per year, and it supports both my family and my photography habit. Would be quite difficult without prints.

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