ILC alternative to Sony RX10

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ILC alternative to Sony RX10

I've had the Sony RX10 buzzing around the back of my brain lately, thinking it would make an awfully handy travel camera (versus my RX100, it's bigger & heavier, and costs $1000, but has a tilting LCD, EVF, f/2.8 across the zoom range and 24-200 FOV with, I believe, a bit better optics).

I don't know if I'll do anything about that, but I started wondering what other options there are (because the idea of $1000 on a fixed lens camera that gets discarded in its entirety one day bugs me a little).  A similar lens on a body that can be upgraded might be interesting.  (So I'm not wondering about fixed lens alternatives, like the FZ1000, unless there's a smaller sensor alternative with a faster lens that costs less - something like the Fuji XS1, but it has a slower lens on a smaller sensor).

So instead of f/2.8 on 1", I could look at something around f/4 on m43 or up to f/5.6 on APS-C.  Here's what I came up with:

RX10 is 24/7.6-200/7.6 equivalent

An e-mount body with the 18-105/4 PZ gives me 27/6.0-158/6.0 equivalent

An e-mount body with the 18-200 gives me 27/5.2-300/9.5 equivalent

A Nikon DSLR with 18-105 gives me 27/5.2-150/8.4 while the 18-140 or 18-200 extend that

Fuji's new 18-135 is similar to the Nikon 18-140

There's really nothing for Nikon 1 (10-100 is slow compared to the RX10) or micro 4/3 (14-140 or 150 zooms at f/5.6 at the tele end just don't seem interesting as an alternative)

Of those, the e-mount kit has one key advantage: I already own the pricey 18-200 and would need to add a body.  I'm not thrilled with the A6000, though (I don't find the EVF all that great, and can't believe they dropped the digital level display).  And the NEX-6 & 7 still use the old, lousy menu and lack lack Auto ISO in M.

I chose Nikon and not Canon because I shoot a Nikon DSLR.  The D7000 is big, though, and I might contemplate a more compact body.  And that's something I'm not too crazy about (then again, if I could get it in kit form with the lens I want, it could be at a good price).  A Canon Sl1 with a similar zoom might be a consideration.  Fuji is probably out of the picture because the lens is expensive to begin with, and then bodies with EVFs are expensive (the XE1 is a bargain, but not sure I'd want the older model).  All of those options are a big bigger/heavier in combo than the RX10, and none have the same WA coverage.

All of this makes the RX10 seem like a really nice niche product without much competition.  Wondering what anyone else is aware of, or is using, for similar purposes with roughly similar specs.

- Dennis

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