x100 vs x-a1 ?

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Re: x100 vs x-a1 ?

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Thanks for the replies .

My priority is how the 2 cameras compare in IQ .

Since both have good IQ you should probably decide which you prefer from a handling POV. IRC, I preferred the images my X100 took over my XA1, but honestly in a blind comparison I doubt I could tell them apart. Also, the XA1 is 16MP while the X100 is 12MP.

Does the X-A1 share the same 'legendary' Sony 16mp sensor used in the Nikon (and I think Pentax) dSLRs? 'Legendary' as in the ability to pull amazing detail from underexposed areas when using RAW.

Don't know, but the X100 has a sensor specifically designed for its lens.

No, the X100 uses the same Sony sensor that is in the Nikon D90 and other cameras. There is nothing unique about it, but it is good. The X-A1 (and X-M1, X-E1, X-Pro1) all use the Sony 16MP sensor (X-Trans models have different CFA of course).


  • The sensor has been specially customised just for this lens. Unlike film, the sensors of most digital cameras require incoming light to strike the sensor surface at an angle that is as perpendicular to the sensor surface as possible. Because this is difficult to achieve with a slim lens, the positioning of the microlens on the sensor of the X100 has been customised to allow the capture of light rays with up to a 20° angle of incidence. Without this sensor customisation, it would be necessary to lengthen the size of the lens by 10mm.

The XA1's sensor is the same one used in other cameras, but the X100's sensor was modified for that lens specifically. Maybe the changes they made don't affect IQ, maybe they do, but the X100 really does render light remarkably.

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