D800e lenses advise.

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D800e lenses advise.

I was hoping someone could help me decide which lens(es) I should get for the recently purchased d800.  This has probably been discussed at length but I would still appreciate the help. I largely take pictures while traveling, primarily it's landscape, wildlife, architecture and occasional macro.  I am switching from d7000 to d800 mostly for the cropping ability, better low light performance and overall image quality.  I am also planning a short trip to Alaska in August where I'm hoping to shoot some nice landscapes and bears (from afar) so I would need good gear for both wide and telephoto ends.

I currently have the following FX lense:  Nikon 50 1.8; Sigma 150 macro (the OS version) and Sigma 50-500 (the non-OS version).  I'm thinking of keeping the 50 (as it's cheap anyway) and the macro as I think it's a good lens but am not sure about the 50-500 and how well it will do on such a big sensor.

I'm considering the following lenses:

Tamron 24-70 2.8 - read mostly good reviews on it and it has a VR.  While it's (likely) not as good as the Nikon one, I feel it might be worth it for the price.  It's a good general purpose lens as well as landscape.

Nikon 14-24 2.8 - from what I understand, this is widely (no pun intended) regarded as the best ultra wide out there.  Is it worth the money?  Are there cheaper (yet quality) alternatives?  My friend just got a 17-35 and says it's good, so maybe get that instead?  Just not sure.  I've also seen primes recommendation in this FL sector but I think I'd prefer a zoom, though I'm open to it if it's the best option.

Nikon 70-200 2.8 - also, I believe, considered one of the best lenses out there.  I, however, wouldn't be able to afford both it and the 14-24.  If I get this one and something cheaper on the wide angle I think I would need a TC and probably sell my 50-500.  I definitely need something long but the 300/400/500 primes are just too expensive and bulky.  So 200 with 2x TC and maybe dx crop longest I would get in this case, which is not bad I guess.  Another alternative that I'm considering would be using my 150 for the long end here (I think I would use 70-200 at 200 80% of the time) though it's obviously a bit shorter but still an option.

My budget is roughly $1,500 which isn't much but I could also sell the 50-500 and my dx gear to add to it if needed.

Thank you for your help.

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Nikon D800E
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