Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

bhollis wrote:

Albert Silver wrote:

filipebv wrote:

Looks to me more like a metering issue, no?

no mistake! the meter is in the nice blue sky...if i did the meter to shadows what happened? yes it´s a very amazing feature to have. hope next canon sensores are able to do this or best.

Why would you meter the blue sky? Is that the subject of the photo?

I'm guessing he did this to avoid have the sky blown out. So he preserved the highlights while still having the ability to liff the shadows in the foreground.

That depends on scenes. In that scene, there is just basic blue sky without much details inside. He could likely get a better photo to give more exposure on people and still can recover sky or at least dim the sky with software GND and the adjustment brush tool in LR5 for example. Although Sony Exmor sensor is much better in severe shadow lifting, it also comes with a price as in this case that excessive noise/grain is pretty obvious on people's faces.

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