Will the Quattro Embarrass Sigma into dropping their camera line?

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Will the Quattro Embarrass Sigma into dropping their camera line?

It's been a week since I sent back my loaned Quattro. There is little doubt in my mind that Sigma will suffer a complete and humiliating failure. Generally, we all buy cameras for one main reason, whether it is specific, like the Fovean sensor, or general, like the all-around usefulness of the RX100. The Quattro has lost its specific claim to fame in IQ against the Merrill, and as a camera that would appeal to generalists it cannot compete. The odd-shaped body will appeal to a few people who want to stand out from the crowd; they won't make the camera profitable.

Every time I think of the Quattro I think of that video of the Corporate factory in Japan, out in the woods. Very few people are seen. The Sigma factory is like a monastery. One gets the sense Sigma lives out in the woods, away from the bustle of the world.

Only isolation can explain why a company could bring such market-naive camera to market. I can imagine young, brash, executives at Sigma claiming the Qauttro will be disruptive, unique, a camera that will demand notice! A camera to appeal to a new generation of design-conscious users. The older executives, probably tired with the perennial slow sales of their cameras, let youthful exuberance overrun them.

It is likely that the Quattro may be the last-ditch effort for Sigma to remain in the camera business. I cannot believe for a second that there weren't many experienced Sigma executives who knew what risks were being taken by reducing IQ and taking such a huge risk with the body design. They must have known that swinging so hard for the fence would lead to a strike-out.

So here we are. I read posts of people defending these cameras, but not as in, the Quattro is great, but "it isn't so bad." I don't think these people are doing Sigma any favors. Sigma should cut its losses as soon as possible with the Quattro. I hope they don't pour good money after bad. If they want to stay with the DP cameras, they need to back to, and keep improving, the Merrill line of un-adulterated vertical color sampling.

I predict Sigma will sell its camera business. Their lenses do better and better. Sony is having trouble producing lenses for its hot cameras. Sigma is in a great position to become a brand name in lenses, competing with the likes of Zeiss. Why should they embarrass themselves with cameras? One has to wonder if the Quattro was almost a subconscious effort to let the market make up their mind for them.

Sorry for the long post. My question is, IF one accepts the hypothesis that the Quatto is a failure (even if you personally LOVE the camera), do you believe Sigma will continue on with the cameras. And if so, how long until they come out with another model?

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