Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

I have the 5D3 and the Sony A7 so here is how they compare:The 5d3 has great dynamic range over all. Only when you push the shadows abnormally, my Sony A 7 has an advantage. The adavantage only exists at iso 100 and 200. At 400 both cameras are equal and from iso 800 the 5d3 takes the lead. The 5D3 is also much better at high iso noise. On 5D3 iso 6400  is usable on  the sony iso 1600 is the maxmum I would use.  In short: the 5d 3 is the best allround camera for me. Its  lightyears ahedad of sony with regards to operability. The opticval viewfinder is much, much better for careful composing. While the EVF of the sony shows more information, your eyes get tired from looking through it for prolonged periods of time.   Plus: There are no good AF-zoom lenses for the Sony. the kit lens 28-70 maybe ok for its cheap price, but the borders are fuzzy at every focal length and aperture. The Zeiss 24-70 is expensive, and fuzyy at wideangle. Its not even close to Canons 24-105.

I use the sony A7 only for scanning slides these days (with an adapted macro lens).  If you wan to get the shot each and every time, enjoy a huge choice of lenses and great usability, the 5 D3 is certianly the far better choice. I havent used the Nikon D800 so I cant comment on that.

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