Has anybody taken any photographs with their D810 yet?

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I don't understand

MisterHairy wrote:

Anything nice to look at which isn't a wall or a test chart yet?

...why many seem to have a negative reaction to this request, including some who freely post pictures to make points about other gear.

I understand that some feel its only appropriate to post pictures in the category specific fora, which in some cases get about as much traffic as the kodak forum. I can't imagine ever wanting to do that myself. Sadly, because I don't want to upset anyone, I don't post a lot of pictures here. However, I almost always enjoy and appreciate the threads including images, even when I don't comment myself. I can't say the same for some ofthe gear discussions which can occasionally border on the demented (you know who you all are.... ).

Even if you ignore the above, in my view, there's nothing particularly wrong with asking people to post some pictures so that you can get a feel for the image quality. It's a request for images that relate to the gear - what's so surprising about that? Even if nothing much has changed, that can tell its own story.

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